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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boys We Fancy

OK so our choices may not always be popular - apparently nobody else sees the Gordon Brown thing - but we won't allow your disparaging comments cloud our lusty vision.

Jean Jacques de Gucht
His name might mean nothing to you, but trust me on this one. On my last visit to Antwerp, I was watching some Flemish version of Newsnight when the sight of this Michael Pitt / Taylor Hanson hybrid (that’s a good thing, I can assure you) made me sit up and take notice even though I didn’t understand a word he was saying. It turns out he was some politician’s son, running in some election…and before you know it, I had become his fan on Facebook. I have always had a thing for scions of political dynasties, starting as a child with my JFK Jnr phase so this particular obsession makes perfect sense. N

Dominic West
I don't watch The Wire. Sorry, sorry, I hear it's amazing and I'll buy the box set soon, I promise. Actually I don't think I have ever seen Dominic West in anything, save those virals where he tries to convince me to buy instant coffee by reading aloud a relatively boring passage from Lady Chatterley's Lover, but I really fancy him. He's totally gorgeous (and probably the most mainstream crush I've ever had) but one of my main reasons for lusting after him is his interview technique. He says silly stuff that he doesn't really mean and then his spokesperson has to issue statements reassuring us that his remarks were taken out of context and it's just all such a lovely relief from bland Hollywood interviews. He lives in Shepherds Bush so I've taken to hanging round the green and adjacent pound shops in the hopes of bumping into him but no luck so far. L

Moss from the IT Crowd is the chicest of geeks - he wears too short trousers worn too high, clip-on ties, check shirts and is socially inept. He still lives with his mum and we have her to thank for his signature look as she dresses him and styles his amazing hair. He struggles to communicate with anything other than his computer but that doesn’t make him anything less than insanely attractive to me. Once I spotted actor Richard Ayoade outside Liberty and I got very over-excited but alas, he wasn’t in Moss mode so I could restrain myself from adopting full-on stalker behaviour. Forget about Kate, it’s this Moss who is the true style icon. N

Michael Schoeffling
Michael Schoeffling is the man of my childhood dreams. He played Jake in the John Hughes classic Sixteen Candles and popped up opposite Gabrielle Anwar in some Disney movie about a horse but the role that really secured him a place in my heart is that of Joe in Mermaids. He's actually quite wooden in the movie and even comes across as a little stupid but I still totally understand why Winona's character Charlotte fancied him so much. His boring fond-of -fishing personality is the perfect foil to the neurotic Charlotte who dreams of becoming a Catholic saint in much the same way as I fantasised about converting to Judaism in secondary school. He probably shouldn't have slept with her because she's fifteen and he's twenty-something but maybe things were different in the sixties. Michael Schoeffling himself seems to have realised that acting wasn't his strong point and abandoned it in 1991 in favour of a career in carpentry, following in the footsteps of other manly and trustworthy types: Aidan from Sex and the City and Joseph of Nazareth. L

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Very Private Lives of Winona Ryder

My favourite ever celebrity, Winona Ryder, is on the cover of UK Elle this month. The 37-year-old is looking as pixie-ish as ever in a tulle Dolce & Gabanna corset. Inside she is interviewed by Rebecca Miller, who directs her in the forthcoming film The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. I read the book (Miller first wrote TPLOPL as a novel and subsequently adapted and directed it for the big screen) on a flight recently and whilst I could recognise some of its limitations - the pretty ridiculous ending being a major one - I thought that Miller captured the difficult mother-daughter relationship perfectly and I’m really looking forward to the Blake Lively/Robin Wright Penn/Julianne Moore/Winona movie. Unfortunately though Miller fails to capture any essence of Winona in her interview but you get the feeling that this may have something to do with Winona’s reticence. In her editor’s letter, Lorraine Candy says “There is so much Winona does not want to talk about” and boy do you get that impression in the interview. LE