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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Listen Up

It’s not the clothes that stop me from shopping on the high street – in fact my little River Island sundress that cost 25 quid garners as much praise as any of my more expensive pieces – but rather it’s the squish. The sweaty messiness of people trampling over me to get the last pair of size 7 espadrilles, the interminable wait at the fitting rooms and the tropical climate that means I have to take off all my clothes just to have a quick look around. But I could actually deal with all of this; I could grin and bear it if it weren’t for the music. The banging, tuneless so-called dance or techno that H & M and Mango pump out. Nope, sorry, that’s where I draw the line. I immediately retreat from the humid swamp of a high street store when aggressive trance blares from the speakers. Yes, I know that Urban Outfitters is overpriced but I can browse to the strains of Lady B. And over at Liberty what’s that I hear: ah yes a remix of Noah and the Whale’s Blue Skies. Perfect for trying stuff on to.

It’s not that I’m a snob though – just last week I was in my local Poundland (Quick aside: Poundland is amazing. Everything is a pound. Toffifee, kitchen paper, pregnancy tests, Pride and Prejudice on DVD. A POUND!) when I heard a song that sounded like a happier version of Vampire Weekend’s Oxford Comma. “What’s this amazing song?” I asked the checkout girl. “Dunno,” she shrugged. You don’t get great customer service when everything is a pound. But anyway my point is that if Poundland can manage to play decent music that makes me want to dance around the aisles then surely H & M can work on their playlist.

The peeps at Urban Outfitters are slightly more helpful than the Poundland staff and have put together a LSTN feature on their website where you can listen to the tunes they’ve been playing recently. And a girl who worked at Topshop lovingly collated a blog that featured the store’s playlists. She left Topshop last month and the blog is now defunct but it’s still worth having a quick look through. LE

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Be Adored (By Everybody)

Last summer I wrote about a Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop dress that had very nearly been ruined by its ubiquity but managed to be saved from the never-wearing-again heap by its prettiness. That dress for autumn/winter ’09 was my tba (or To Be Adored) smock. I bought it back in September and saw it on a couple of other girls at fashion week that same month. Then it popped up on a few blogs and I spied it on a friend or two. Next thing you know some TV presenter called Caroline Flack is wearing it. Oh well, whatevs. Everybody shops in Urban Outfitters and if you buy a dress there you have got to be prepared to bump into it on somebody else. And my little mustard smock is so pretty that I don’t really care if it gets around. I still love it. Binbin McNiven, the woman behind the tba label, has done it again with her Mia Farrow-inspired spring/summer collection. Dresses come in baby doll shapes and there are lots of girlish details like Peter Pan collars. It’s not all sugar and spice and everything nice, however, as there are also tougher-looking leather skirts and loose-fitting shirt-dresses. Basically I want it all. Along with everybody else, presumably. LE

My mustard tba smock

A dress from the new collection (available at Urban Outfitters)