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Friday, May 22, 2009

Chelsea Hotel #3

One of The Portmanteau's very first posts featured 5 women whose lives we coveted, including US Vogue staffer, Sally Singer. We were, and still are, envious of Singer because she manages to retain a bohemian style whilst working at the über-glossy American Vogue. And because she lives at the Chelsea Hotel in New York. And because her husband, writer Joseph O'Neill, is very handsome and talented.

This week, The Selby photographed Singer in her apartment at the Chelsea Hotel. The results - colourful, modern and slightly messy shots - have made me more eager to walk a day in Singer's Tabitha Simmons shoes than ever.

Images from The Selby

Friday, January 30, 2009

Love Me Do

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and our shops are soon going to be full of nauseatingly pink balloons and cards. I claim to not really care about Valentine’s Day but always act like a spoilt brat unless I receive a bouquet of flowers at the very least (carnations bought in Tesco do not count). It probably stems from the fact that I didn’t receive a Valentine’s card until I was 20. Other girls in my primary school spent the 14th counting their messages of adoration, whilst I comforted myself with the fact that I lived on a road that had very few boys and therefore the lack of male interest was not entirely my fault. If I had more access to boys, I reasoned, I would surely receive more cards. I still act a little competitive on the day, comparing my boyfriend’s gestures to the romantic gifts delivered to my colleagues.

Le Love - a blog that collates images of beautiful couples from online and print media - is destined to make anybody who’s feeling insecure about the lack of romance in their life feel about 10 times worse. If you’re single, you imagine that your life would look like that if only you could get somebody to go out with you. If you’re part of a couple, you know that your photos could never look that hot. Whenever the boyfriend and I are pictured, he’s squinting and I look mildly angry. It’s still a guilty pleasure though – perusing images of Irish stylist Celestine Cooney and her handsome beau, as featured on The Selby, or gazing at the adorably colourful Agyness and Albert shoot from February’s US Vogue.

Images from Le Love

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

On my list of magazine reading priorities, features on interiors come last together with the yawn-inducing beauty and accessories pages. Usually they feature glossy, over-styled and unattainably perfect rooms owned by boring people like Allegra Hicks. They just tend to make you feel bad about your own shabby not-so-chic shoebox.

However, one magazine that gets it right is Apartamento - now I should, of course, be totally against a magazine devoted to interiors alone but I love this one. It features interesting people and is a little bit like The Selby but a lot less pretentious. In fact, the style of Apartamento is informal and understated, with pages completely free of PR copy. The latest issue features Chris Bollen of Interview magazine who lives in a cottage in the West Village and photographer Felix Friedmann whose home is an old library in London - yes, still utterly unattainable but at least these homes have personality, are often cluttered and untidy and look like people might actually live in them. 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

In The Selby Style

Website of the moment - besides The Portmanteau, of course: The Selby -

Strangely fascinating, photographer Todd Selby takes pics of designers and creative folk in their homes and studios. It's a bit like Through The Keyhole except with stylish interiors, people we might actually be interested in and no annoying commentary from Lloyd Grossman. I know we shouldn't really care what Isabelle (daughter-of-Keith-owner-of-Pastis) McNally's apartment looks like but the images are so beautiful that, yes, sadly, we do.

Erin Wasson

Isabelle McNally