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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Olivia vs Lily

It’s the battle of the Upper East Side Up Dids! This kind of style gets a bad name- that’s what years of debs hair horrors and matronly red carpet dressing will do for your reputation but two stars of the small screen are showing us how to rock them properly. Park Avenue Princesses, Gossip Girl’s Lily and The City’s Olivia, are doing stellar work for the upswept cause.

There are many reasons to watch The City: monitoring the progression of Freddie Fackelmayer's tan is one major attraction, checking out the latest way that Olivia "I pulled that look" Palermo can mess up yet another morning show segment is another. But the big draw is Olivia’s oh so polished hair. Yes, although Olivia can’t form coherent sentences, her hair is a constant source of delight. Her ringlets are a little too Tinsley Mortimer for my taste but no one can pull off a chignon like Olivia.

Lily VD Dubs provides Olivia P with some strong competition with her line up of hot hair dids, with twists and braids adding some extra edge. So who wins the battle of the buns? – its got to be Lily but I’m biased because she’s my fave GG character and may need my support. I’m a little scared that the co-op meeting lady that Rufus met on the pre-hiatus cliff hanger might end up disrupting their chilli and board game-filled idyll. NOK