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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Burberry Prorsum A/W 2010

After a week of shows and terrible weather, the fashion pack were getting a little testy by the time the Burberry Prorsum show rolled around. “I hate clothes” declared Colin McDowell as he queued in the drizzle, “I hate EVERYTHING!” And I think he was only half-joking. Thankfully, handsome Burberry boys were on hand with check umbrellas to shelter each guest and lead them into the venue at the Chelsea College of Art. Christopher Bailey obviously had bad weather on his mind: the audience were greeted by a soundtrack of thundering rain and wall projections of a downpour as they filed in. The front row was so celeb filled that poor Trish Goff, Jacquetta Wheeler and Olivia Palermo were relegated to second. The horror. I mean, can someone please explain why The Kooks are doing the rounds and taking up Olivia’s rightful place on the front row? I was most excited about my first sighting EVER of an Olsen twin – MK, my favourite. And yes, she’s tiny and extremely pretty, was wearing the most amazing jewellery over her leather gloves and spent most of the time hiding behind enormous black shades. She was joined by a very loud and sparkly Kate Hudson, a bored-looking Kristen Stewart (who was having none of Kate’s bubbliness), a studious Claire Danes and Alice in Wonderland star, Mia Wasikowska. With Jared Leto joining the gang, the show was yet another reunion for Jordan Catalano & Angela Chase, after their love-in at the Elle Style Awards. Opposite were the fashion crew, led by Carine & Anna (accompanied by her niece Ellie Wintour), Carolina Herrera and Rachel Zoe, who seemed to spend most of the time checking out “totally yummy” (her words) Burberry model, George Craig.

And the clothes - well, after all the excitement, I have to admit to being underwhelmed by the military looks on show. But what do I know - the critics are raving and Bailey clearly knows what he’s doing. The show was streamed live with select pieces cleverly being made available for sale straight away. I’m just not a shearling aviator jacket kind of girl, I guess, although they are a clear trend for next winter. Not being a major military fan, I was more intrigued by what lay beneath all those coats: colourful lace dresses and ruched velvet skirts in lovely jewel tones. My highlights : the beautiful colour palette - mustard, raspberry, spring green - the huge bucket bags and a catwalk appearance by Freja Beha Erichsen. NOK

Friday, November 14, 2008

Transatlantic Trip-ups

I’ve been back on home turf for almost a week now but I've only just stopped moaning about my jet lag and the time difference and all the other hideous effects of long haul flights! In my defence, I did suffer more than most due to the violent food poisoning I contracted on my last night after dining at supposed Hollywood hot spot, La Poubelle, but I still marvel at celebrities’ stamina. Yes, they travel first class but they have to step off the eleven hour flight looking as refreshed as ever unless they want to face the wrath of the tabloids.

When Kate Moss arrived at LAX for a holiday a couple of weeks ago, The Daily Mail remarked, “Her complexion was blighted by spots and a cold sore appeared to have surfaced on her upper lip.” Whoa there – I mean I arrived home in a Venice Beach hoodie with cracked lips and crazy frizzy/greasy hair - flying is hard work, you know. Victoria Beckham was also papped at LAX recently but her look was slightly more put together - a weird Sherlock Holmes-style ensemble that looked somewhat ridiculous and seriously uncomfortable. Obviously I don’t recommend sacrificing style completely and I feel obliged to point out the hoodie incident was a once-off but I think that there should at least be an nod to comfort when flying.

And so I think we must look to the jet-setting Olsens for inspiration on fashionable flying. They are photographed at airports more often than at parties and have the whole just-stepped-off-a-plane-but-still-look-like-myself thing down pat. Yeah sure some would say they look a little bedraggled but give me that over the über-groomed VB any day.

Plane Stupid

Olsens at the Airport

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My So-Called Style

I was watching old episodes of My So-Called Life the other day and thinking that the clothes didn't seem so dated - because these days, the whole of Hollywood seems to be taking its style cues from Angela Chase and co. - although, sadly, I have yet to see anyone sporting a poodle hairdo and tank top combo a la Brian Krakow. When they aren't scrubbing up for appearences on Oprah and book signings at Barnes and Noble, the Olsens seem to wear little else but oversized check shirts. In the case of MK, she literally wears nothing else - more often then not teaming her shirts with opaque tights or bare legs. Indeed, with her messy hair and biker boots, sometimes my dear MK seems to be heading into Rayanne Graff territory. Check out this pic of MK and her plaid clad beau Nate Lowman doing his best Jordan Catalano impression. I love 1994.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Under the Influence

There was a real treat in store for me this week - a treat that combined my love for coffee table books and the Olsens. Yes – the big day finally came – the release of their book Influence. I had high hopes for this and I have to say that they did a pretty good job. The book is a series of conversations between one or both of the twins and someone who has apparently inspired them in some way. The big fashion names are present as expected: Karl Lagerfeld, Giambattista Valli, John Galliano etc. but I found some of the other interviewees more interesting: Alexandre De Betak, Lazaro Hernandez & Jack McCollough, and Peter Lindbergh in particular. As well as many beautiful images (the Olsens seem as obsessed with Polaroids as The Portmanteau), there are lots of insights into the Olsen’s lives – we learn that Ashley is a fan of Jane Austen and Picasso and would like to live in France. MK prefers Plato and Basquiat and doesn’t feel the need to get married. Fascinating, I know.