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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Borrowers

At 9 years old, the highlight of The Portmanteau’s sad, barren social life was our weekly trip to the local library. I even did my TY work experience in the county library. And the librarian look is one of my favourites. Eeek – such a geek.

Just around the corner from my office is YCN, a creative agency that has set up shop at 72 Rivington St, a multi - purpose space comprising a public ground floor, two floors of studio and a rooftop. Although for a library lover like myself, the highlight is a lending library on the ground floor. Granted the stock is a bit sparse at the moment, it’s being added to all the time but what I love is the concept – a lending library of purely design-themed books and magazines. They also have reading lists from key figures in design – the latest is Paul Smith’s recommendations. Jiggery Pokery were commissioned to create the rainbow of books in the shop window. Also on display are teasets by Undergrowth Design. It reminds me of my stint stacking shelves at LCF where I daydreamed of having my own custom-made magazine and coffee-table tome archive. Our shoebox flat is bursting at the seams with mags and books so this is a long way off at the moment. For now, visits to 72 Rivington St will have to suffice.

Also recommended for library lovers - the beautiful Libraries by Candida Höfer and Alberto Manguel’s magical The Library at Night. NOK