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Sunday, April 5, 2009

No Love Lost

                                               Jonas Lofgren in Lula                   

At the day job, I get to see a lot of new illustrators' work and there is an overwhelming volume of work out there. It's hard to explain what I like but I usually know when I see it. Feminine but not too girly, youthful but not childish, homespun but not twee, nothing too digitally enhanced or overly polished. Work with thought, craft and technique behind it - illustrators like Lizzie Finn, Vanessa Da Silva, Jonas Lofgren. After years of photography completely dominating magazines, it's a delight to see art directors embracing illustration, seeing it as a real alternative to the photographic image. 

Two of illustration's big guns, Natasha Law and Daisy de Villeneuve have joined forces for a show at Eleven gallery that explores the dark side of friendship. They can be added to my list of favourites - and I swear it's not just because of the sister-of-Jude, daughter-of-Jan celebrity connections - I swear. There's an interesting concept behind the show. It's built around a fictional character with many unflattering qualities - I'm sure we all know someone like her  - a demanding, high-maintenance, self-obsessed diva who causes lots of drama in your life, who you will never be able to devote enough time to.

                                               Image by Natasha Law