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Friday, May 15, 2009

The News

Chuck Bass, well Ed Westwick, is to play Heathcliff in a new adaptation of Wuthering Heights. This is quite possibly the most exciting casting decision ever. More exciting even than Sienna as Edie, Audrey as Coco, Renee as Bridget, Johnny as Wonka. Filming starts in the autumn so I suppose that means the film won’t be out until late 2010 at least, but I have a feeling that this is going to be worth the wait. Gemma Arterton is to play Cathy, which could be a problem because she seems way taller than Chuck, but I guess they can just have him stand on a box. I’m also concerned about his outfits. I never fancy Ed Westwick when he wears his boring normal clothes so hopefully they will bear this in mind and ensure that Heathcliff’s wardrobe is as exciting as Chuck’s.

In other news, Katie 'Jordan' Price and Peter Andre broke up. I don’t really care about this but evidently others do. My sister’s facebook status just minutes after the split was announced read: jordan and peter are no more. please tell me it is not true. devastated is not even the word. And despite Oliver Marre of the Guardian remarking that he didn’t care that they were splitting up, the paper/website still ran more than 10 stories on the subject, including this gem from Hadley.

Quote of the week comes from Gwyneth. Goop never lets us down. Every week we get a smug and self-righteous quote delivered straight into our inbox. A month ago it was her thinly veiled stab at my favourite ever celebrity, Winona, and this week she provided us with this little nugget: Gwyneth Paltrow is not a music expert but is an avid listener and knows how to get down. I’m not laughing at her for referring to herself in the third person. I love referring to myself in the third person. It makes me feel famous and talked about, but rather I am laughing at the bit where she says she “knows how to get down”.