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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Luella Does Liberty

Let's try and forget about the Bah Humbug news that Luella has ceased trading and instead take a trip to Liberty where Luella and her team have dressed the Christmas windows. Bypass the grotto which, although filled with lovely Liberty stocking fillers chosen by the designer, doesn't feel particularly Luella. The windows are the best I've seen this festive season (once I begin blaring Mariah's Crimbo classics and the Facebook event for the annual Holland Park Mansion bash has been created, I can officially say the festive season has begun). The first window has a Royal theme and is crammed with amazing kitsch memorabilia crap. The second recreates a typical seventies Christmas in incredible detail complete with the Queen's speech on the telly, half-eaten Brussels sprouts and Blue Nun on the table and one of those hairdresser heads that I always wanted as a child. Finally, we have Mr. and Mrs. Fox looking fine in their Alexander McQueen hunting threads. NOK

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Present Time

I had been ignoring the fact that Christmas is fast approaching – turning down the radio when I heard a sleigh bell-type intro, skipping past festive ads in the newspaper – but hey it’s less than a month away so I may as well as embrace it and turn up the Shakin’ Stevens, prepare the pudding and make my Christmas present list. These are presents that I want; I couldn’t really be bothered making out a boring list of gifts that other people might want. I am, as yet, unsure as to who is going to supply these little pressies. Santa, perhaps.

Luxury PJs
OK first off I need some cashmere pyjamas. I know this seems really ridiculously extravagant but I seriously can’t sleep in anything but cashmere. I have never been a fan of normal pyjamas – why would I want to wear uncomfortable, ill-fitting trousers to bed? Not to mention the silly buttons that dig into you every time you turn over. I can only sleep in a grey cashmere jumper that I got in TK Maxx but it has started to look a little worn so I think that some new, more attractive nighttime attire is called for. Thanks.

Hermes Leica Camera
Since my camera broke I’ve been taking photos on my iPhone, which is very good when there is enough light, but it is not satisfactory in other conditions so I’ve decided that I’m going to need a proper camera. I don’t want just any old thing plucked from the pages of the Argos catalogue; I want a Hermes Leica camera. Behold its beauty.

Erdem for Smythson Notebook
I always judge people by their notebooks. Yes I realise that’s silly but I’m not really mean about it. Like I don’t write off a person just because they’re doodling in a battered old copybook and I’m not immediately drawn to those taking notes in a leather-bound journal. The Erdem for Smythson notebooks scream ‘spoiled brat’ but I still want one because they’re very, very pretty.

Micro Pig
Emine Saner’s piece in the Guardian totally confirmed that I have to get my hands on one or two (they need company) of these. Apparently they smell like digestive biscuits and sleep curled up under your arm. Come on, how could you not want one? My other The Portmanteau half though is totally against the idea of getting a couple of pigs for the flat, claiming that we don’t have a garden (this is actually true but whatevs) and that she doesn’t like animals. Hmm.

A Private Concert from John and Edward
I’m pretty much devastated that Jedward are no longer in the X Factor. Our next phone bill is going to be so depressing – about 50 quid’s worth of late night calls to Jedward. Ugh. But at least there is a silver lining: the boys are now available for personal appearances and I’m hoping some Father Christmas-type figure will send them round to the Holland Park mansion to serenade me. They must “perform” Ghostbusters, Oops and Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby and I'd really like it if they could recreate the hilarious introduction that preceded all their X Factor performances.

Merci Beaucoup.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mulling Things Over

The Christmas season is well and truly upon us – shops have started staying open late, the Brown Thomas Christmas window has been unveiled and Christmas party invites have been popping into the mailbox. Along with the mulled wine and mince pies, comes the inevitable what-will-I-wear conundrum. In this Facebook age, it’s hard to get away with wearing the same dress to different parties because although there might be a diverse crowd at each bash, chances are they are all on Facebook and have seen the photos of you in the black dress with the red shoes already. Maybe I’m just being stupid and nobody notices what I wear in my various Facebook photos but I still feel the pressure to pull a few different OFs out of the bag for the festive season.

The high street is heaving with party dresses at this time of year but the thing is they all look kind of the same – satin or sparkly, above-the-knee, tight and a bit blah. I’ve seen lots of ladies in trousers on The Sartorialist recently and have got to thinking that perhaps that’s the way to go this Christmas. I did try trousers earlier in the year but abandoned the idea when the two pairs I tried on in Topshop just didn’t fit properly. That was during London Fashion Week and the canapés and free drink had combined to make me a bit too porky for the Tuxedo trousers I was desperately trying to stuff myself into. Disheartened, I returned to my smock dresses, tail between my legs. Three months on, I feel that perhaps it’s time to try the trousers again. I’m never going to abandon my wardrobe of dresses completely but it would be nice to seem nonchalantly sexy, like the chic Parisians below, in amidst the crowds of trussed up Christmas party goers.

Images from The Sartorialist

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Shopping with all the Trimmings

In these dark, depressing days of credit crunch chic and the recessionista, shops are doing all they can to get us through their doors, especially in the run up to jingle bell time. And if they’re offering free wine and burlesque dancing to entice us inside, we’re more than happy to oblige. This week sees Paper Dress on Curtain Rd throwing a soiree to celebrate its new late night openings. Paper Dress is one of my favourite vintage stores – simply on account of its close proximity to the office; I am lazy in the extreme when it comes to shopping. This Thursday from 7pm you can browse the party frocks and furs to rockabilly tunes, have a drink and get 20% off.

London also loves pop-up shopping experiences at this time of year – basically, these establishments want you to feel the pressure to get there before they're gone forever – the “BUY THESE SHOES NOW OR YOU MIGHT JUST HAVE TO KILL YOURSELF” kind of vibe that Grazia specializes in. My favourite this season is Swanfield Inn. This group of designers are setting up shop near Brick Lane in the weeks leading up to Christmas and providing a delightful shopping experience, with silent films projected on the walls and the designers themselves on hand to offer advice, as well as tea and cake. I paid a visit last Sunday and am glad to report that I did not feel panicked, pressured, hot or bothered once - my usual reactions to shopping. My favourite discovery was jewellery designer Karin Andreasson's nautical themed necklaces and bracelets. Yes - I think we have established that I'm not the best shopper. So basically, if a store isn't offering alcohol and/or baked goods along with my purchases this festive season, I think I'll be doing my shopping online.

Jewellery by Karin Andreasson