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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One Dress, Two Ways

Cheryl Cole celebrated her 26th birthday last week and the pressure was on to wear something special for the big party. Not that celebrating one’s 26th birthday is that important an occasion but when one’s everyday wardrobe is dissected in a weird Dannii versus Cheryl battle in the Daily Mail, it must seem vital to pick a knockout party dress. And so Cheryl, apparently desperate to shake off the WAG tag, turned to Alexander McQueen for her birthday OF. But she somehow managed to choose just about the waggiest piece that McQueen has ever designed. The short sheer dress drew comparisons with a Dancing on Ice costume with even the ever-polite commenting that “the fashion jury is still out on whether Cheryl Cole managed to pull off this look from Alexander McQueen's spring/summer 2009 show”. They did think that Cheryl “cleverly” wore her hair in a sleeker style so as to compliment the dress, but I actually think that it was Cheryl’s styling that made the dress look tacky. OK so a cut-out panel that reveals one’s navel and breasts is never going to be demure, but the dress looked completely different in an Observer shoot this weekend. On a waif-like, flat-chested model and teamed with an edgier hairstyle, it was pretty and delicate. And so Cheryl has made that most basic of fashion errors – stuff that looks really good on models might not look good on you, even (or perhaps especially) if you have very expensive accessories like hair extensions and breast implants. LE

Images from the Daily Mail and Observer

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Colouring-in the January Blues

It’s a depressing time of year. Obviously. Dealing with work-related emails that didn’t magically disappear over Christmas, facing up to the fact that the resolutions haven’t even lasted a week and battling the freezing cold weather all takes their toll on a person. Not to mention arguments over deposits with ex-landlords and rows with current landlords about having no running water. Early January is horrible and I plan to spend it tucked up in bed with the electric blanket turned up all the way (mainly because I squandered all of last month’s salary in a devil-may-care Christmas spending extravaganza and can no longer afford to venture outside).

At least I have my lovely Christmas presents to keep me company. I can pore over my beautiful Stylist The Interpreters of Fashion book, a present from the boyfriend. Or look forward to my mini-break at Bellinter House thanks to my mum. Most therapeutic of all though is my Colour Me Good colouring book that comes courtesy of my other The Portmanteau half. Colour Me Good – Kate is a lovely little colouring book full of pictures of Kate in various magazine poses that I can colour-in carefully, thereby forgetting about the larger problems in life. The terrifying bank statement is left unopened as I endeavour to not go outside the lines of Kate’s lovely hair or the fancy crown that she wore on the cover of December 2001's Vogue. Colour Me Good comes from the talented Mel Elliott, a London-based artist who is almost as obsessed with magazines and celebrities as we are. She has created colouring books and paper dolls based on all of our favorites – Kate, Aggy, Cheryl, Grazia, etc, etc. She is stocked in Artwords in London (there are more outlets in the pipeline) or you can buy from her directly through her blog.

Picture from Mel Elliott (because I am not nearly as good at colouring-in).

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fashion Favourites of 2008

We’ve spent the last week eating turkey sandwiches, drinking wine, making small talk with people we went to primary school with and flicking through old Grazias. Gosh, I love Christmas. Between tales of plucky singletons and weirdly incongruous pieces on disadvantaged children is Grazia’s best dressed list for 2008. Top of the list is Gwyneth, praised for her short dresses, tuxedo jackets and incredibly high heels. Whilst I do sort of like some of Gwyneth’s 08 OFs, I find her whole transformation a tad try-hard and sterile. It’s too obviously the work of a stylist. Ditto Cheryl Cole who also makes an appearance on the list. Don’t get me wrong – I love Cheryl as much as the next person but I get the feeling that those cute little dresses might have something to do with Victoria Adcock, her new stylist.

Katie Holmes is also praised, mainly for her denim choices. Now this I don’t get at all. I know she wears a lot of different styles of jeans - baggy, skinny, boyfriend, rolled-up, etc - but blah. There are only so many photos of Katie wearing a beige t-shirt and a pair of jeans whilst on her way to All My Sons rehearsals that I can take. Instead it’s her little companion, Suri, who comes top of our list. I know she’s kind of a robot-child, but she’s a very cute and fashionable robot-child. I love her lady-like dresses and patent Mary Janes. Toddler Suri is actually the inspiration behind many of my own 2008 looks, including my brunette bob!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Transformation of Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole appears in today's Photos of the Day on are hardly the most discerning - Katie Holmes features about three times a week - but this does seem to cement Cheryl's standing as a style icon. Hardly a week goes by when Cheryl's perfect doll face isn't staring out at me from the covers of Look and Grazia and her stint on The X Factor has brought her even more fans. Although the website is praising her, Alexandra Shulman does seem to subtly undermine Cheryl's new-found national treasure status in November's Vogue. Writing on beauty, Shulman says that a certain strangeness is what sets true beauties apart from mere good looking girls like Cheryl Cole or Natalie Appleton. How dare Alexandra diss our beloved Cheryl and compare her to a combat trouser-wearing relic from the Met Bar era.

We love Cheryl because we have followed her on her journey from nightclub brawler to national treasure via a cheating husband. She's also the only reason to watch The X Factor. She empathises with the contestants - laughing and shedding tears in equal measure - because she has stood there herself. Next to Dannii's frozen smile and botoxed forehead, Cheryl seems even more real. But basically we love Cheryl because she's a babe with a pretty good stylist on the payroll who has left the tacky Wag rags firmly behind her. I must stop gushing now before I move on to my Nicola Roberts obsession. I love how she doesn't seem to mind looking like a red headed ghost next to her orange-skinned bandmates and she sometimes wears really cute outfits. But that's enough GA worship for one day - Nicola really deserves a post of her very own.