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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chelsea Girl

I get it. What a completely unoriginal title for a blog post, one that has been used countless times before in Edie and Andy themed editorials and articles. But this week, I really was a Chelsea girl – for my first couple of days in NYC, I literally did not go anywhere else in the city. I woke up in my hotel at one end of West 22nd St. and went to do some “work” at the Chelsea Art Museum at the other end. So after traipsing up and down for 3 days, and to continue our street-themed posts, I can now give you an insiders guide to West 22nd St.

This street is fashion meets art central. When you are done sampling the drug store delights of Rite Aid and Duane Reade, there are two designer shops on the street worth checking out, for the buildings as much as the clothes. Enter Commes des Garçons down the steel funnel-like entrance and into an amazing, minimalist space divided into little rooms and sections that perfectly showcase the designs. The interior of the Balenciaga flagship a few doors down is also art gallery-esque, with some trippy paisley carpet thrown into the mix but my God, Nicolas's designs are achingly gorgeous. For your art fix, there's Matthew Marks gallery, currently showing Gary Hume: Yardwork and the Chelsea outpost of PaceWildenstein. Another must visit is the the pop-up art book store Artbook @ X. On the corner of 10th Ave is the Empire Diner where you can gorge on burgers and milkshakes by candlelight around the clock at this Art Deco gem. Stop by Billy's Bakery for exquisite baked goods that beat the offerings of the Magnolia any day and for supplies of Hershey and Oh Henry! at 4am, it's got to be the semi amusingly titled Ha.Ha.Fresh - a name I found Ha.Ha. Hilarious and endlessly entertaining in my drunken state. NOK

Gary Hume @ Matthew Marks

Commes des Garcons

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just Greedy

Gwyneth’s collaboration with her personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, is the last straw. If I had an Oscar, 2 small children, a famous musician husband, properties in London and New York, a website, a cookery show and a few films in the pipeline, I would not bother producing a fitness DVD. What is it with modern celebrities selling out? I can understand selling out that includes posing for Juergen Teller in a Marc Jacobs campaign. That kind of selling out makes sense but bed linen, cheap perfume and fitness DVDs are for ex-Big Brother participants and not Kylie, Kate and Gwyneth respectively. I guess it comes down to keeping up with the Joneses when the Joneses happen to be the Beckhams or the Pitt-Jolies or whoever else celebrities measure themselves against.

There are however a few movie stars out there who manage to maintain a high profile whilst retaining their dignity. Natalie Portman is a good example; she expertly combines appearances in both mainstream and art house movies and her line of vegan shoes seems to demonstrate a desire to do good rather than a desire to get rich(er). One of her latest projects is a kind of fake ad for a fictional perfume called Greed. Directed by Roman Polanski and starring Natalie and my other favourite actress, Michelle Williams, the fake ad is part of an exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in Rome by Italian artist, Francesco Vezzoli, which examines the strategy behind a perfume launch. You can view a trailer for the ad on Dazed Digital or the gallery's website and you will be able to watch the piece in its entirety after the exhibition opens on the 6th February. Finally, a celebrity perfume launch that we can get behind.

Images from the Gagosian Gallery website