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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One Dress, Two Ways

Cheryl Cole celebrated her 26th birthday last week and the pressure was on to wear something special for the big party. Not that celebrating one’s 26th birthday is that important an occasion but when one’s everyday wardrobe is dissected in a weird Dannii versus Cheryl battle in the Daily Mail, it must seem vital to pick a knockout party dress. And so Cheryl, apparently desperate to shake off the WAG tag, turned to Alexander McQueen for her birthday OF. But she somehow managed to choose just about the waggiest piece that McQueen has ever designed. The short sheer dress drew comparisons with a Dancing on Ice costume with even the ever-polite commenting that “the fashion jury is still out on whether Cheryl Cole managed to pull off this look from Alexander McQueen's spring/summer 2009 show”. They did think that Cheryl “cleverly” wore her hair in a sleeker style so as to compliment the dress, but I actually think that it was Cheryl’s styling that made the dress look tacky. OK so a cut-out panel that reveals one’s navel and breasts is never going to be demure, but the dress looked completely different in an Observer shoot this weekend. On a waif-like, flat-chested model and teamed with an edgier hairstyle, it was pretty and delicate. And so Cheryl has made that most basic of fashion errors – stuff that looks really good on models might not look good on you, even (or perhaps especially) if you have very expensive accessories like hair extensions and breast implants. LE

Images from the Daily Mail and Observer

Thursday, January 22, 2009

From Hell

One of the joys of living in London is that there is always someone crashing on your couch and dragging you along to tourist attractions that you would never consider visiting under normal circumstances. For reasons I cannot fathom, some of my friends have a peculiar fascination with anything horror related so in the past couple of months, I have had the privilege of experiencing such delights as the Jack the Ripper walking tour and the London Dungeons. The latter in particular was a hellish day out - not in a scary sense, more so hellishly rubbish. I now have an in-depth knowledge of all the gory happenings that went down on the mean streets of Spitalfields hundreds of years ago. Lucky me.

All of my tour guides neglected to mention how Alexander McQueen is supposedly descended from Jack the Ripper himself. Now this piece of trivia would have made me slightly more interested in what they had to say. McQueen returned to his East End roots this week with his latest menswear collection in Milan. The show was brimming with 19th century horror, evoking demon barbers and murderous butchers. As always with McQueen, the staging was spectacular and the tailoring impeccable. The runway was lined with street-lamps and stalked by sinister dandies brandishing canes. The clothes themselves were both beautiful and wearable - lots of sharp suit jackets, fitted camel coats and tweed trousers. Let's gloss over the codpieces and breastplates, shall we?

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